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Hello guys!
F17mous is back again with a great tutorial
“how to use metasploit meterpreter with fuzzbunch eternal blue” to hack windows
7/2k8 & xp
well, just follow me..
first, i’m going to test it on this pc
my ip is
& virtualbox ip is:
let’s go
remember to set: verifybackdoor to false
choose FB (1)
now, we create the msf payload using msfvenom
chose whatever port you want
but remember it, you’ll need it later
when you start the listener
i already moved it to my windows machine (named flash.dll)
now we start msf
now set the port & host adress you set
when you created the payload
let’s get back to fb.py
becareful, choose the right windows arch
2) rundll
now just drag the dll

note: sometimes when you drag it
it will add quotes “”
so just remove them
meterpreter opened directly
because i already ran the payload earlier
& thats it:
happy hacking
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