#Vault7 | #Wikileaks| Behind the Woodshed with Hal Anthony – Falsifying Minds, Fake Apples 4-27-2017

WikiLeaks Vault 7 latest leaks right here daily!

BTWRLM211, Falsifying Minds, Fake Apples, Tainted Injustices, March For Science?, Undisclosed Inequality, Future Self-aware Robotic Silence, TSA Kennel of Hell, Operation Hades, Farmers Know Best, To Every Tom, Dick & Harry, Your Problem With This Is?, Spoof Apple, Vault 7, Falsified Evidence, Drug Convictions, US Chemical Attack, Sue Merck for Shingles, Samsung TV Microphone, CIA “HIVE” Control, Dark AI Secret, Operation Gotham Shield, Nuke Blast Over Manhattan, Coca-Cola & Pepsi As Pesticides, Building MSM News, Defendants Have Only 3 Rights…

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