Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed #FakeNews

Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed


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10 Climate Change Lies Exposed

Lie #1: That Global Warming is bad
• Where do people like to live — Svalbard or Florida?
• Which location has the greatest biodiversity — Antarctica or Brazil?

Lie #2: That manmade CO2 is the cause of Global Warming
The modern warming period is one of a series of warming periods Earth has experienced roughly every thousand years. The sun rises every day. To take any one day and blame the rising sun on man is crazy. So, why should we blame man for one of nearly a dozen warming periods?

Lie #3: That Global Warming causes extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes
The evidence doesn’t show this. Here’s the graph of hurricane counts showing a 42-year downtrend. And here’s a graph from NOAA showing a near 60-year downtrend in strong tornadoes.

Ask yourself: what causes wind to blow. It’s not “heat.” Venus has plenty of heat and [nearly] zero wind. Wind blows because of temperature differences. Global warming will reduce the temperature difference between the poles and the equator, reducing storms. Global cooling is the bad guy on stormy winds.

Lie #4: That Global Warming causes droughts
Ask yourself how land ever gets water. Water in the ocean is warmed so that it evaporates, and all that water vapor forms clouds and possibly rain. If you cool the oceans, less evaporation happens. So, saying “global warming causes droughts’ is like saying ‘food causes starvation.” That’s nuts.

Droughts will always happen. It’s a normal part of nature. If you want more droughts, then order up some global cooling. That’s your villain.

Lie #5: That our current warmth is unusual
We currently live in an Ice Age interglacial called the Holocene. So long as those two little white things persist at the poles, we live in a climate controlled by that ice. Most of Earth’s history has been far warmer than today. Here’s a graph of the last few billion years of temperature.

Lie #6: That our current level of CO2 is unusual
We currently live in a period of CO2 starvation. The average carbon dioxide level for the last few hundred million years was something like 1,600 parts per million (4 times our current level). In fact, when carbon dioxide levels fell to 800 parts per million, about 30 million years ago, plants were so stressed they evolved C4 species.

Lie #7: That the rate of warming is dangerous
Every day in Los Angeles, citizens experience a temperature variation of about 11 °C. That’s every day, and the climate change alarmists are frightened that we will get a 3 °C change over the next hundred years. Anyone who thinks that a rate of 3 °C per century is dangerous should clear the cobwebs out of their noggin. Life adapts. And a turtle could outrun the pace of warming. A turtle could walk to cooler climate in merely a few months, and rest for the remainder of that “dangerous” century the United Nations keeps talking about.

Lie #8: That the science is settled
This is the most unscientific thing I’ve ever heard. In fact, it’s downright anti-science. For nearly two decades, climate change alarmists could not explain the pause in global warming as detected by the super accurate satellite measurements.

They had to scramble to come up with lame excuses like “the ocean ate my global warming.”

Lie #9: That there is a consensus
When a researcher like Cook, et al, in Australia, tosses out most of their data, and then takes the percentage of what remains as their “consensus,” that’s fraud. You don’t throw out most of your data to find the right percentage. That’s not merely anti-science, that’s scientific fraud.

Lie #10: That science is ever done by consensus
The notion of “scientific consensus” is an oxymoron — a self-contradictory phrase. Consensus means popularity, and voting has nothing to do with science.

Bonus — Lie #11: That climate change is dangerous and must be stopped
Climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. Was it always dangerous? No!

Global Warming made civilization possible. Without it, farming would never have taken hold, because there would have been too little rain and too many droughts.

Bonus — Lie #12: That global warming makes the oceans more acidic
First of all, the oceans are alkaline, so you can’t make more acidic what is not acidic in the first place.

leapinglizardking – for pointing out that Venus does have some surface wind, albeit far less than does Earth.



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