To Demonize Russia CNN Continues Lies About MH-17 Flight Crash #FakeNews

The Flight MH 17 aircraft was precisely seventeen years old on the day of its fated flight directly over a known war zone on July 17 2014, involved in an incident which has become a study in Russophobic hysteria, manipulative propaganda and total disrespect for the victims and their families by anti-Russian agents provocateurs.
All on board, 283 passengers and 15 crew, perished as the aircraft fell from the sky and crashed in Donbass in an area held by anti-Fascist rebel forces defending themselves against attempted genocide by new, NATO installed, Armed Forces of Ukraine. To date the official enquiry has produced no tangible or clear conclusions.
However, CNN and the western side of the international community are brimming with stories and false accusations against Russia. The day after the crash the western television stations were broadcasting live coverage of a mourning Dutch mother directly appealing to President Putin to give back the body of her child, provoking waves of false sympathy among viewers. False, because President Putin did not shoot down the aircraft, neither was Russia involved in any way, shape or form and today, one year on, there is not a shred of evidence to the contrary.
The same Russophobic propaganda factory which claimed that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. So where are they? The same Russophobic propaganda machine which claimed that Muammar al-Gaddafy was bombing his own civilians. He wasn’t. The same one which claimed he had strafed civilian buildings, which later showed to be intact, without a scratch. How can you bomb a building and leave it intact?
And today, ladies and gentlemen, here they are again, this time jumping on the bandwagon, disrespecting the victims and families of the tragedy in Eastern Ukraine, blaming Russia and her President for an incident without a shred of evidence, taking up the words of the apparent psychopath Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukrainian Prime Minister, a man filled with hatred and anti-Russian hysteria, whose supporters during the Maidan riots in Kiev chanted “Death to Russians and Jews” before agents fired against their own “side” in the crowd from the sixth floor of Hotel Ukraine to incriminate President Yanukovich.
Just five days after the incident, after sifting through all the information at their disposal, the official US position was that “There is no evidence that the Russian government is directly involved in the shooting”. On October 27, over five months later, the Dutch Chief Investigator Fred Westerbeke claimed there was no evidence to incriminate the Russians.
The fact that “evidence” was cooked up, as it was in the case of the “wonderful foreign intelligence” proving that Saddam Hussein had WMD – in fact a doctoral thesis copied and pasted from the Internet from a decade earlier and then “sexed up” by Number Ten Downing Street and its cronies, once again raises suspicions as to the veracity of the Western propaganda machine, lacking as usual in any form or degree of emotional intelligence.

In 1964, the Tonkin Gulf incident was used to justify the Vietnam War, although U.S. intelligence quickly knew the facts were not what the U.S. government claimed. Now, the MH-17 case is being exploited to justify a new Cold War as U.S. intelligence again is silent about what it knows.

Those pointing the finger at Russia are the same ones caught lying time and time and time again, and again, and again. Those pointing the finger at Russia do not have a shred of evidence and like any common criminal, have a motive: isolate Russia, find a reason to impose sanctions, foster internal dissent and independence movements and weaken President Putin because he stands for a strong, respected Russia which channels Russian resources to Russian citizens and improves their livelihood in a strong and solid State with safety on the streets, security on its frontiers and a comfortable standard of living.
Let us show some respect for the victims and the families and not play political games with the misfortune of others, something alien to an immoral and amoral western clique of lobbyists which dictate western policy.


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