Thief River Falls City Council person caught lying #FakeNews


This day & age, people always have an excuse or someone else to blame for their actions.

In this point & case, City Councilwoman Rachel Prudhomme chooses not only accept zero-responsibility for her actions, but chooses to claim the fault was that of someone else… “Who moved the flag?”.

She also claims to have no clear line of sight for the flag… that she was staring directly at.

A new city council, the same complete lack of respect for their constituents. And a complete insult to the intelligence of anyone who watched with their own two eyes what occurred.

But at least she said something. The remainder of the council is relying on the ignorance of their constituents. KTRF remains behind their’ one-way microphone, and City Officer Ryan Bassett clearly stated, “No comment” repeatedly.


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