The ABC Caught Lying about Climate Change! The ABC attack Lord Monckton with LIES! #FakeNews

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Caught red handed!

If you are sitting on the fence about Climate Change or think the ‘science is settled’ please watch this.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is caught out lying to the Australian public – and using your taxes to do so.

As the Carbon Tax is being forced upon the Australian people the ABC is determined that the public do not become informed.

In order to to ensure you do not look at the other side of the Climate Change debate the ABC are prepared to lie and promote disinformation.

In this instance the host Wendy Carlisle dedicates an entire show to personally attacking Lord Monckton. In it Wendy lies about his arguments and lies about the scientific papers he sites. And then accuses Lord Monckton of lying! They are hoping to make up your mind for you.

Unfortunately for Wendy, she is the one that has been caught out lying. If you listen to the full length show from Radio National – Background Briefing, you will hear Wendy attending Lord Monckton’s presentation and getting all upset as she is jostled in the crowd and accused of being a liar. As it turns out she is a LIAR!

See for yourself!

Page 4, Monnett & Gleason, Observations of mortality associated with extended open-water swimming by polar bears in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea, 2005

“Our observations suggest that polar bears swimming in open water near Kaktovik drowned during a period of high winds and correspondingly rough sea conditions between 10 and 13 September 2004. No other deleterious environmental conditions were present that might have led to the deaths of those polar bears.”

And you don’t have to trust me – go look it up!

The ABC have not reprimanded Wendy Carlisle for this offensive and false report.
The ABC has not retracted this show or offered an apology or made a statement.
The Australian Government has not reprimanded the ABC for pushing these blatant lies on this important issue.

By its inaction the Australian Government is condoning the broadcasting of inaccurate and fraudulent information. They are benefiting from this fraud politically as it supports their policies and agendas. And it will benefit people in the ‘Green’ industries and international bankers waiting to trade trillions in carbon credits.

The legal definition of fraud in Australia includes the intent to deprive someone of property through the use of deception. Through the ABC’s deception and lies the Carbon Tax will deprive you of property.

Furthermore if you are for Carbon Tax – then think why is it going to be privatized and handed over to a private banking cartel as an ETS in around 2015?

Lies and Disinformation Methods:
1. Straw-Man – Create a flawed argument and claim your opposition is using that flawed argument.
2. Have experts claim the opponent is debunked or incorrect – but not actually engage the oppositions argument.
3. Claim all the other Scientists disagree, and say there is a consensus (that’s another lie)
4. Lie about the sources used in the oppositions arguments knowing most people would not look them up.
5. Accuse the opposition of everything you are doing – cherry picking data, fraudulent science, lying etc.
6. Call them a denier and walk away feeling smug.
7. Engage in ad hominem attacks – attack the person not the argument.
8. Just argue ‘but your not a climate scientist’ – but don’t worry about Al Gore, Rajendra K Pachauri or Tim Flannery
9. Just Lie – plain and simple.
10. Or for fun sandwich a lie between some truths.
11. What would the Iraqi Information Minister say?



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