In this video you will see a school board that takes ample time to congradulate themselves for such a wonderful job done, a superintendant that is fiven an award only a short time after embarrassing himself and the rest of the board when he took tonthe podium in the first press conference this district had in 10 years. Through staff having sexual contact with a student to cops that broke the law in questioning students without their parents notified or present, to now the curriculim is exposed to be espousing athiesm and has established that God is a myth and argued the pojnt and then was caught lying about all of it to the smallest detail. Amazing they did not simply bury their heads in the sand. They might have been better off. But Alton Frailey not only chose to lie to try to side step it all, but there was a reporter there armed with facts that basically flayed him as our article did . It was nice to see an honest hard working journalist from Fox News who listened and dug for the truth. I was massively impressed with Andrea Watkins of Fox 26 Houston Texas. We traveled from NJ to Alabama and from there to Katy Texas to stand with Jordan. If this man will insist on setting a bad example, the least I could do was set a good one !


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