Roger Stone Got Tricked by FAKE @Bikers4Trump on Twitter! | Jason Asselin #FakeNews

CHRIS COX’S – BIKERS FOR TRUMP IS NOW ON TWITTER! FIND HIM HERE: @BikersForTrump – It appears the host of Stone Cold Truth was tricked into promoting a fake twitter page scamming people called “Bikers 4 Trump”. I really wish Roger Stone’s people had done better research!

On his recent radio show – Stone Cold Truth Radio (09/24/16) (, he invited “Nick Knight” whom he said was one of the leaders for Bikers 4 Trump.. There is no Nick Knight with the real BIKERS FOR TRUMP 2016, the founder of this organization is CHRIS COX who leads this group to provide support and protection at Trump rallies.

This poser, scam artist using the alias Nick Knight is known for his many scams all across the country. His name is in many news reports as STEVEN W BLOOD JR (formerly from Thomasville, Georgia). His scams date back to 2005 in California which the video talks about..

See these NEWS links about the history of scamming by Steven W Blood Jr: “Huntsville Speedway cancels Storm Aid, Better Business Bureau investigating” –
“Storm Aid concert promoter Steven Blood is being sued by Missouri Attorney General” –
“Missouri judge grants default judgment against Steven Blood, aka Woody Nelson, who tried unsuccessfully to promote Huntsville Storm Aid concert” –
“Starbucks Files Lawsuit Against Thomasville Cafe Owner” –
See LAWSUIT by Starbucks here:

Visit the REAL “Bikers For Trump 2016” on Twitter @BikersForTrump or on facebook:

The following sites are controlled by conman Steven Blood:
Breaking 4 Trump –
(twitter) –
Bikers 4 Trump –
(twitter) –
The Trump Wall –
(twitter) –
Nick Knight –
(twitter) –


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