#PizzaGate | #PedoGate PIZZAGATE Rare Footage and How the People Involved are Running Scared #MIT

PIZZAGATE Rare Footage and How the People Involved are Running Scared #MIT
Best-selling author Rebekah Roth talks about the new convicts of Pizzagate and why the media is covering up the story and panicking. I end the video with a very disturbing audio and blurry footage of a man abusing a child in what seems to be Comet Ping Pong. Some Internet investigators attribute the voice to that of John Podesta. However, this cannot be confirmed. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

President Donald Trump has begun challenging Pizzagate and the New World Order. At a CPAC q and a, he brought up Bill Clinton’s trips to “Orgy Island” with convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein. This week, Trump also pledged to end the practice of human trafficking.

Since the Podesta Emails came to light, it’s believed that John Podesta, Obama and others visited James Alefantis’ Comet Ping Pong where rapes of children are believed to have taken place. This opened a whole new internet investigation about the Podesta brothers, Obama, the Clintons and others.

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