Obama Helps Fake News Editing of the New York Crimes #FakeNews

Fake News is all the rage as warned by President Obama, Media Matters, CNN, MSNBC, and the DNC. Here the New York Crimes shows you how the sausage, (Real News) is made, leading the proud charge in being the mouth piece for the left, of course without censorship. All those who use satire like Comedy Central, SNL, and The Dire Show should beware as they confuse young trigglypuffs and snowflakes. If we can get the Chinese, FACEBOOK, google and twitter to be our big algorithm editors in the sky, we’d be so much better off. No one wants to hear about a Democratic Party Run Sanctuary City like Chicago having a horrendous murder problem among their minorities. No it’s the Trump nationalists who are the problem with all their conspiracy theories like Trump is going to win the Presidency over Hillary.


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  1. Grant Sackett January 4, 2017

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