Obama Doubles Down on ISIS/ISIL Lie, No News Company Believes Him #FakeNews

The complete story http://aun-tv.com/obama-doubles-down-on-isisisil-lie-no-news-company-believes-him-video/

This appears to be a case of “What If The President Told a Lie, and No One Believed Him?”.

That is not an academic question, it is happening right now and on a life and death issue.

As you see below in a video, not only did Obama send out Josh Earnest to lie about Obama calling ISIS/ISIL a JV team, Junior Varsity nobodies not to be overly concerned about, Obama doubled down personally in an interview with NBC with the same lie.

No one has believed him in the news media that we could find, and we searched all the major news companies. Not even MSNBC has come to his defense.


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