MSNBC Morning JOE Mika ISIS CIA FAKE NEWS Lie’s about Russia & Syria #FakeNews

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, ISIS Morning Joe holds CIA Propaganda Talking Points on the Syrian conflict, including the latest reports of pro-government forces retaking parts of Aleppo and Russian involvement in the region. WASHINGTON PEDOPHILE’s — In a dramatic break with President-elect Donald Trump, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan said Monday that they supported investigations into possible Russian cyberattacks aimed at influencing the US election. Former CIA Operative Robert Baer says if the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election then the US should vote again. Ex-CIA operative calls for new election. Moscow hacked Democrat party emails and gave them to WikiLeaks.
US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in last month’s presidential election to boost Donald Trump’s bid for the White House, according to reports. Inside the CIA’s internal battle over Russia hack claims. THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS Mitch McConnell Press Conference. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) held a news conference in which he stated “THE RUSSIANS ARE MOT OUR FRIENDS” ans spoke on the legislative agenda for the 115th Congress. He began with a statement on the probe into Russia’s alleged hacking of official email accounts during the 2016 presidential campaign.
DHS Confirms Hackers Targeted Election Systems in 20 States
A secret CIA assessment found that Russian operatives covertly interfered in the election campaign in an attempt to ensure the Republican candidate’s victory, the Washington Post reported, citing officials briefed on the matter.

A separate report in the New York Times said intelligence officials had a “high confidence” that Russia was involved in hacking related to the election.

The claims immediately drew a stinging rebuke from the president-elect’s transition team, which said in a statement: “

According to the Post’s report, officials briefed on the matter were told that intelligence agencies had found that individuals linked to the Russian government had provided WikiLeaks with thousands of confidential emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and others.
WASHINGTON D.C. PEDOPHILE’s Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan calls for Inquiry on Russian Hacking
They told the paper that the people involved were known to US intelligence and acted as part of a Russian operation to boost Trump and hurt the chances of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. “It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favour one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected,” one said.

The emails were steadily leaked via WikiLeaks in the months before the election, damaging Clinton’s White House run by revealing that DNC figures had colluded to harm the chances of her nomination rival Bernie Sanders, and later giving examples of collusion between her campaign and figures in the media to blindside Trump in debates.
80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party…
Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton, declaring an all out attack on what they deem to be fake news. Despite Williams losing his job with NBC’s Nightly News last year for spreading fake news and Clinton being caught lying about an attack on a Bosnia trip, not to mention voting for a war that killed thousands that was based on fake news, they continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Infowars and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on for your mind.
CIA Rep. Mitch McConnell TRUST You Government and its Fake Main Stream Media Anderson Cooper CNN Rapist Bill Clinton Controls Mainstream Media ABC Trump bashes People Magazine, denies allegations of unwanted sexual advances Red Neck’s & Trump Sinister Hand’s Groped Me & She LIKED it Hillary Clinton Speaks Out * SHE Liked IT *
Trump Rally: Paul Ryan Struck A ‘Sinister Deal’ Behind My Back THEY Defended a CHILD RAPIST CROOKED Hillary R Clinton Defended a Child Molester ? DENNIS HASTERT House Speaker Paul Ryan Serial Child Molester A federal judge is calling the longest-serving Republican House speaker Dennis Hastert = GOP s U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin sentenced former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert to 15 months in prison, calling him a “Serial Child Molester,” = Hastert Rule = Bend Over & OBEY Ron Paul Says “War On FAKE NEWS” Is Really An Attack On Our Freedom Of Speech Rights ! Keiser Report: Fake News Alex Jones Infowars
Morning JOE ISIS CIA MSNBC FAKE NEWS Lie’s about Russia.



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