Mom, cops caught lying in nasty Vineyard & Lowell, MA custody case. #FakeNews

This is heinous activity wherein a former medical quality assurance professional is down on his luck after his green card wife lied about issues of abuse toward her and their two girls. Meanwhile the corrupt and morally aberrant clowns at Lowell, PD won’t even accept his complaint about potential abuse against the girls committed by one of the wife’s friends.

As a former Law Enforcement attorney I find their conduct appalling.

Not to mention the missing audio on the court CDs that I personally witnessed at the Vineyard when the clerk pretended to play the CD but was really playing the hard drive.
03 AUGUST 2012

Lowell MA cops refuse father’s child abuse complaint, banish reporter and refuse to answer whether they filed with DCF and mandated reporter.

Warning: As a former Law Enforcement attorney I can guarantee you that the conduct you are about to witness from Lowell’s finest will make your blood boil. From the evasive responses of the green-shirted detective to the petty insouciance of Officer Tetreault they both act like complete and utter f_____ a_____, and they should be summarily fired. But they won’t be. Instead they will find a way to continue to ignore Mr. Coleman, regardless of the implications to his children. What couple of complete douchebags, both of them.

A man issued a verbal and written complaint about his estranged wife’s friend inappropriately striking his two young children. The police contacted him to come in and follow up but when he got there and repeatedly asked if they had reported the matter to DCF as they are mandated to do he got the bum’s rush and so did Yours Truly. The cop had told him he needed a couple of hours to go through the matter but then he said “oh something came up,” and tried to imply that Mr. Coleman was late. Well even if he was 5-10 minutes late they had allocated an hour or two for the meeting….. so why not conduct the meeting, or at a minimum take the written complaint?

Officer Thomas Tetreault told me that they had no mechanism in place to memorialize his visit and attempt to file something.

What a crock of shit that is, huh?

My gut feeling is that they were going to try to turn this all around on him and make him into the bad guy, but then he shows up with a reporter with a camera and talking legalese and the entire complexion changed. Let’s see if and when they report to DCF.



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