Lying D-bag Exposed!!! Actor Owen Wilson is Arab activist Reza Aslan. #FakeNews

I strongly believe many well known (and less known) actors and actresses who appear (or have appeared in the past) on film, TV, and stage productions are also appearing as fictional characters in staged media events (also known as hoaxes and flat-out lies), which are presented to the world public as being legitimate.

For example:

Yup, believe it: The actor known as Owen Wilson (who’s been in films such as Bottle Rocket, Wedding Crashers, the Meet the Parents/Fockers films, Armageddon, Midnight in Paris, and a whole slew of other cinematic garbage does indeed play this Arab character, who’s known for getting into heated (staged) debates concerning Arab affairs with Fox news anchor men/women, various correspondents, Bill Maher, and a pigsty of other phony media douchebags.

I venture to guestimate that the individual (whatever his real name is) who plays both “Reza” and “Owen” is actually much closer in appearance to “Reza” just with lighter skin. And if this sick individual is Jewish then he should immediately throw himself off the nearest skyscraper for falsely representing the Arab community. Arabs can represent themselves just fine thank you very much; they don’t need some poser who’s making a cheap buck by selling books about Jesus (for example) that are probably ghost written anyway:)

I gotta give this con-artist scumbag major credit; he has created the character of Owen Wilson so well (with dyed messy blonde hair, lots of makeup on his skin to make him even whiter than he actually is, blue-eyed contact lenses, a laid back slacker persona, and I believe a false upper row of teeth). He almost pulled it off, but as with all these phony low lifes, their mannerisms give them away..

What to look for:

“Reza” and “Owen” share the same hook-shaped nose, they share similar posture habits when seated, neither have ear lobes, both like to wear tennis shoes in their interviews, both have the same messy hair pattern (like they finger comb it), and both have whiny voices albeit at a different pitch; however, Owen does start veering off in his interviews speaking at a more intellectual clip, which is more in line with the Reza character.

Of course, I’ll put up comparative videos at a later time showing in more detail the characters’ similarities plus some other tidbits.

Yes, indeed, that’s what Hollywood really is: the land of lowlifes, liars, and phonys who are all in serious need of multiple ass-kickings and bitch-slaps.

Severely curve the amount of movies and TV shows you watch and purchase online or on DVD; the same goes for books, especially those that are alleged biographies, auto-biographies, true crime, etc… These assholes need to be put out of business

Keep creativity local and/or regional. Control, make and sell your own movies, books, magazines and music. This is one of the ways to put Hollywood and the rest of the monopolized entertainment industry out of business forever.

Turn off CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.. and start spending more time with your families and getting to know who’s who in your respective communities: Keep “news” and gossip local, and keep news truly politically incorrect, that is: speak your own mind with your own words, not what the media (and the government) tells you to think and say.

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