Hillary Clinton lies exposed -Elizabeth Warren. Vote Bernie Sanders Progressive Democratic Socialism #FakeNews

Hillary Clinton is now saying she is a progressive. I do not think you are a progressive when:

*you voted for the Iraq War
*you have supported every single war in your lifetime
*you do not understand the consequences of regime changes
*your biggest campaign donors are Wall Street banks, insurance companies, big pharma, the military industrial complex and private prisons
*you get paid $300,000 per speech to Wall Street banks and insurance companies
*you do not support single payer medicare for all and attack those who support it as being naive and unrealistic
*you oppose a $15 per hour minimum wage
*you oppose breaking up the big banks
*you attack those who want to use diplomacy with Iran
*you do not support public universities being tuition free
*you vote to bail out Wall Street
*you support trade agreements like Nafta
*you support DOMA

The only progressive presidential candidate is Social Democrat Bernie Sanders.



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