HELL BREAKS LOOSE! (MP notes men/women are different) #FakeNews

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• http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3983088/Culture-Secretary-slaps-Tory-MP-saying-men-coach-football-teams-women-wash-kits.html

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Culture Secretary Karen Bradley slapped down a Tory MP today after he told MPs that men in his constituency coach football teams while women wash the kits.
Kettering MP Philip Hollobone raised eyebrows when he made the comments during an urgent question in the Commons on the sex abuse scandal engulfing football.
He said: ‘In a place like Kettering, football is 95 per cent of voluntary activity – the players, the coaches.

‘And it’s basically the dads who are the coaches and the mums who wash the team kit.’
His comments sparked outraged gasps among some MPs, but he continued: ‘In the vast majority of cases the dads are the coaches and the mums wash the team kit – that’s what life is like in Middle England.
‘And I think they would want me to say to the Secretary of State, will she make sure that the judges get the message that when these people are caught exemplary sentences are handed out so the message goes out that this behaviour is totally unacceptable?’

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