Government and New World Order corruption EXPOSED By WOLVOMAN80 #FakeNews

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PLANET EARTH Documentery by WOLVOMAN80 2013 New world Order ILLUMINATI A MYTH? Barrack Obama, David Cameron, USA, EU, UN, CNN, BBC, FOX, News corp, Murdoch Exposed . Modern day corporation slavery by Apple, ipads, ipods, microsoft xbox 360, Walt Disney, Tesco, Walmart, Bill Gates on vaccines, and population control, Starving children and greedy Billion Dollar corporations, child labour corrupt rubbish pop music, media lies, freemason, propaganda, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Banks, Bank bailouts war on terror = murder. human rights exposed, wolvoman80. please check my website and my facebook at top of description and please share

Land of Hope and Glory? Documentary by wolvoman80 about corruption in Great Britain COMING TO DVD SOON! looking at David Cameron, Nick Clegg, the media, Tesco, Walmart, primark, human rights, child labour, price fixing, slavery, The Sun Newspaper/news corp = government propaganda, the royals, BBC, Freemasons, McDonalds=Obesity, Olympics=rip off, OBEY, Illuminati, new world order, British pop music=shit, riots, war, middle east, iraq, libya, press tv, info wars, youtube, google spy, internet censorship, Bank of England, Nationwide Building Society and banks rip off the poor with bank charges, grand theft auto, Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Alexandra Burke Simon Cowell, Britains Got Talent, X Factor, Jeremy Clarkson, Tony Benn, JFK famous speech, Ed Miliband, Secret Societies,Secret Police,Secret Oaths, and Secret meetings! Prince William, Kate MIddleton, Princess Diana, Dodi, Al fayed Full movie 2012.

The return of the Gods? UFO Documentary by WOLVOMAN80

The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn by wolvoman80

Land of hope and glory? By WOLVOMAN80

Signs of the Illuminati? PREVIEW by WOLVOMAN80


There were giants on the earth in those days. By WOLVOMAN80

Ancient Gods and Demons in the modern world? by wolvoman80

Fuck the system



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