#Ghosts | #Paranormal Kirby Road is real!!!! No sounds or pictures added #Mysteries

In the year 1993 a girl named Selina was in a car accident on Kirby road just before Hwy 400. A man who was completely insane and owned a barn not far from where Selina crashed came up and murdured Selina after she survived the crash, in the barn the man owned, he ran KKK meetings and by others the barn was called the “Hell House” for there have been many murders committed in that barn, from confirmed reports there were 7 killings. However after Selina’s death people placed her headstone right where she was found dead which was near the end of the path leading to the so called “Hell House” since then people who went there have clamed to have seen a ghost like figure sitting on a tree or while being parked near the property they have seen a figure approach the car window or passing by the property people have had all their electronics die including the car they were driving up until they pass the Hwy 400 bridge, stories also say that an old red GMC truck would follow them then disappear, the man owning the barn drove a red GMC truck at the time of Selina’s murder. The footage taken was along the path to the “Hell House” which has been burned down sometime before 2014. No sounds or images were added to this footage, this is 100% genuine.

For your own safety please don’t ever plan to go to this place after midnight.


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