Gamal Abdel Nasser interviewed in English. (Please read my comment in the description section) #FakeNews
A very interesting interview indeed in English. This interview took place in 1969 in New York, and Nasser died the following year in 1970. Nasser comes across as very calm, very gentle, easy going and very reasonable. His English is very good (I was in fact surprised to hear how good his English was!) He spoke about how the Zionist state was causing so much havoc in the Arab region for twenty years. It has now exceeded sixty years and counting…

SHOCKING: Nasser mentioned in this interview that ‘the Jews’ were his cousins and that Moses was born in Egypt and that Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in harmony before the advent of Zionism. He was so WRONG! The European Jews are just as alien to Palestine as the Italians were to Ethiopia and the English to Egypt. He could as easily have said that the English colonizers of Egypt were his cousins as well, since the English were Christians and Christian Egyptians did and do live in Egypt. But the difference is that the Christians in Egypt are Egyptians whereas the English, though Christians, were Europeans, foreigners and occupiers with zero connection to Egypt in any way-shape-form. The exact logic applies to the EUROPEAN Ashkenazi Jews that used to be scattered around the globe but are now concentrated on stolen Palestine and the USA! . How could Nasser have made such an insane statement? I wonder!

People need to have a clear understanding that the so-called Jews are Africans, Asians, Europeans and Arabs. They could not all be the same people, and hence there exists zero possibility of any Ashkenazi Jew having a biologic connection to any Arabs of the Middle East (be it Arab Jews or Arab Muslims or Arab Christians). But the European Ashkenazi Jews who now make up more than 90% of world Jewry and more than 95% of North American Jewry are a people. They are the same European people who used to be known as Khazars before they started their exodus out of their homeland of Khazaria towards Eastern and then Western Europe.



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