#FakeNews Alert | 911 Live ~ ABC 7 New York

As it was broadcast in NYC September 11, 2001.The on the ground coverage that never made the air is what stands out to me while viewing this This covers the events until the destruction of the North Tower. Culled from the NIST release this is not as easy as it seems. This is 136 clips, the longest about 3 minutes, pieced together, then converted to a usable format. The poor audio and visual at the beginning clears a little after the network cut in out of nowhere, just about the time the pentagon was hit. The coverage is poor and disjointed really, but there are some amazing things that were said. Bin laden was pinned for it just after the second plane, this is the earliest i heard it on any channel. Also the plane footage they keep showing is Fake, that can be proven very easily, just so you are aware. Listen very closely throughout, these people stumble upon some truth without realizing it, including the drill that was taking place on church street, where aircraft parts were hauled in as part of an exercise involving planes hitting buildings in lower Manhattan. No, you can’t make this stuff up either, when you have seen thousands of hours of video from ground zero a different story emerges, even from the truth movements assorted stories. The Truth is out there if you want it.
ABC also reported, then confirmed there was a car bomb that exploded at the State Department, what happened to that anyway?
Hindsight is 20/20, 911 was a False Flag event that was intended to institute never ending war, something an Empire would do. The propaganda and Lies were scripted into the narrative all day long, and for months to come. The brainwashing still holds as the majority of Americans support our fear based foreign policy of naked aggression.



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