Exposed! The Devil’s Illuminati Mind Control Psyop In Ferguson Missouri #FakeNews

Edifying Others examines the big picture of the spiritual implications and ramifications of the Ferguson Missouri death of Michael Brown.

In case you missed it Edifying Others blog post:
EXPOSED Michael “Blood” Brown -A Undetectable Mind Control ‘Useful Idiot’ of Gnosticism’s Hierarchical Gang Slaves.

Some are trying to say the flag the Blood is waving is a “moors flag.” This is not true. See this time stamped video link below for the proof of what the red flag in this video is. .

UPDATE: The video above was removed because we exposed the flag for what it was, a Blood’s cult flag.
See it again here.

Masonic Curses That Enslave.- Liberation Theology

Street Witness in Ferguson said Mind Control Gangs Unite.



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