CNN Lies About Trump After He Reveals Obama’s Wish To Confiscate Guns #FakeNews

At a recent rally for Donald Trump in South Carolina, the Republican frontrunner remarked that President Obama is thinking about signing an executive order for more gun control:

“You know, the President is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. You hear this one? This is the new. Not gonna happen. That won’t happen. But that’s a tough one, I think that’s a tough one for him to do when you actually have the Second Amendment. That’s tough. Because there’s plenty of executive orders being signed, you know that. And we can’t let that go on.”

CNN’s “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota called out Trump for accusing Obama of already signing an executive order to confiscate guns:

Alisyn Camerota:
“Now Mr. Trump, the president has not signed an executive order to take away guns.”

Donald Trump:
“No, no. I’ve heard that he wants to. And I heard it, I think, on your network. Somebody said that that’s what he’s thinking about. I didn’t say that he’s signing it. I said I think that would be a tough one to sign actually.”

Alisyn Camerota:
“Yes, it’s impossible, in fact.”

Donald Trump:
“Yeah, I would say it would be impossible. But nevertheless he was thinking about it. And I’ve heard it from numerous networks. And I’ve read it in the papers. You know. My source is the papers, so they’re pretty good sources.”

Obama has endorsed Australia’s mandatory buyback program:

“A couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting similar to Columbine or Newtown. And Australia just said, ‘Well, that’s it. We’re not doing, we’re not seeing that again.’ And, basically, imposed very severe, tough gun laws and they haven’t had a mass shooting since.”

At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to a question about implementing gun confiscation in the United States:

“You know Australia’s a good example. Canada is a good example. The U.K. is a good example. Why? Because each of them had mass killings. So I think that’s worth considering. I don’t know enough details to tell you what, how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australian example is worth looking at.”



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