CNN Gets Caught Lying AGAIN! About “Bombs” and “Racial Profiling.” A Trump Smear. (REACTION) #FakeNews

CNN is apparently engaging in a pattern of questionable, if not … outright deceptive, journalism when it comes to the defense of Hillary Clinton, and the rejection of Donald Trump. The latest incident came about when Hillary Clinton was asked a question about the New York bomber on her private airplane. The press did not call him “bomber” but she said that the attacks were “bombings.” This is after Donald Trump received criticism for labeling the attacks as “bombings” before they were officially labeled that by the proper authorities.

The media seemed to be shocked by her response, as they seemed to be setting up a series of questions that was to be punctuated with the question about Trump referring to the attacks as “bombings.” She then proceeded to say something to the equivalent of “we need to wait until all the facts come out.”

CNN, in their infinite wisdom, decides to air the line of questioning from the reporter to Hillary, and Hillary’s responses…except for when she first began talking when she called the attacks “bombings.” Of course, this makes her appear to be criticizing Trump without making it known that she, in fact, did the exact same thing she is criticizing him of. All of the exchange had been recorded, but somehow the first part of her conversation was cut out.

Seems to be a clear-cut case of media manipulation. Attempting to make one individual look good over another. For whatever reason it may be, nefarious or not. A similar thing was done in the case of a young black male shot by police, Sylville Smith in Milwaukee. At a candlelight vigil, his sister was talking about not destroying the black community in which she lives by rioting, and instead, taking the violence further out, to the suburbs. CNN cut it to make it seem like she was saying simply “don’t bring the violence here” ….without playing the part where she said the violence could go.

Then, you have the case of Donald Trump saying that the United States should be more like Israel and “profile” people. He did not say racially profile, because there are many ways to profile a person that do not include race, obviously. But CNN decided to add the word “racially” to now have Trump as saying that he would like to “racially profile” people. Seems like another pro-Hillary and/or anti-Trump move. What better way to disparage someone on your network than to paint them as a racist, especially when they are a conservative? Unforutnately for CNN, the people they are trying to reach, those in the center, often think a lot… and well. And they won’t be fooled by CNN lies.

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