Climate Change Debate : NPC Canberra 19/07/2011 Part V of V #FakeNews

Part One :

Courtesy of Roy Morgan Research – Lord Monckton wins Press Club debate and persuaded 9% more Australians to his view : –

It’s been a long time coming & it was well worth the wait as viewers of this presentation I’m sure will agree. We will see Lord Christopher Monckton go head to head in a climate change debate with Dr. Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute.

Lord Monckton, is Chief Policy Adviser to the Science & Public Policy Institute. Amongst his highly impressive CV his lordship was also an adviser to Margaret Thatcher, whom has wrongly been championed by ACC believers as one of their own, but is in fact an ACC sceptic, a link has been provided below to detail this. It is indeed very refreshing to see someone with enough gumption to debate him & although a non believer in the fakery that is anthropogenic climate change I would give credit where it is due to Dr. Denniss for the way he conducted himself during the debate, I was even more impressed by his adherence to civility in the knowledge that his manners & public discipline had not been lost as a result of time spent working for The Australian Greens Party & others from the deniers of a free, accurate & open scientific debate on this matter.

I’ve noticed that there is already some interest in this debate, as there are You Tube uploads of this presentation preceding mine. One fancies this is due in no small part to a craving for a fair hearing on the science of climate change, something of course sadly lacking due to a mainly one eyed & ill informed media in Australia, I can only imagine The ABC showed this debate as NPC Addresses are part of ABC1 & NEWS24’s regular programming & it would have been seen as a propaganda disaster for anthropogenic climate change believers if it were not broadcast by them.

To fill Part V of this Climate Change Debate close to the 15 minute mark for everyday You Tube uploaders, I’ve included a few minutes from a presentation Lord Monckton gave at The National Press Club at Canberra on 6th. February 2010. Starting at this time mark : 04:24 for the viewer’s convenience.

I trust The NPC won’t mind my use of my old membership card from 1996/97 in a slide to intro the grabs of Lord Monckton from his talk in 2010. Although not a current member, the idea of rejoining has been toyed with recently. I’m not a journalist nor a media reporter, but found it handy to be a card carrying member of this club back in 1996, but I’ll always recall the quality of their snooker facilities back in the 1980’s most fondly.

As an appendix to Part V : is this, as a little matter of curiosity; the voice of The ABC’s Barry Cassidy asking his lordship a question ? If so I would not be surprised, because although knowing of Barry’s left school of political & journalistic thinking, he is at least from the older school of the inquiring mind, unbiased as to where he makes his inquiries, although some might debate his conclusions from time to time of course. If it was Barry his question was very probing & answered in the usual thought provoking manner by Lord Monckton. The question may be heard at this time mark : 12:39
If it was not Barry’s voice the fellow could be his dub double if ever he has a touch of laryngitis on The Insiders. It’s a pity Barry isn’t Larry as there is a good gag in the using of the word laryngitis somewhere here.

If anyone wishes me to upload the full version (which goes for about an hour) please let me know.

A few links that may be of some interest : –
The Galileo Movement.
Was Margaret Thatcher The First Climate Sceptic ?
Father Of The Scientific Method – Ibn al-Haytham.
This fellow is mentioned in more detail by his lordship in Part V : Address 06/02/2010



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