Bill Schneider Lies About Limbaugh at CPAC on CNN #FakeNews

Orwellian: While Bill Schneider talked about what an “angry and bitter” speech Rush Limbaugh gave at CPAC you can see Rush smiling and having a great time while giving the speech in the video.

This is a typical example of how talking heads on TV lie in the face of reality for propaganda purposes.

Listen to the speech for yourself. Limbaugh was cracking jokes and talking about the greatness of America throughout much of the speech. Limbaugh also spoke of what he thought of those who try to get in the way of success.

Schneider also parrots the “Rush wants Obama to fail” lie. What Limbaugh has said time and time again is that if Obama wants to socialize America then he hopes he fails because that would be a disaster for the country. The Dow is below 7000 now and it tanks every time Obama announces a new policy.

You can watch the video and transcript of what Rush said about wanting Obama to succeed or fail back on January 21 in full and in context here –



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