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Weekend Run-Down: London Terror, CNN & Kelly Vs. Putin

There was a few things that happened this weekend I want to talk about …

Firstly, there was another horrific terror attack in London … this comes less than 2 weeks after the devastating Islamic attack in Manchester where little girls were killed.

It’s just sick – but it’s hardly a surprise to those with common sense especially after MI5 admitted there are 23,000 Jihadis living in Britain and only 3,000 are being monitored!!!! And 2nd the UK isn’t taking a tough enough stance on terror. Period.

Until they start deporting these Jihadis and their families, revoking citizenship & passports, shutting down the radical mosques, putting the fundamentalist Imams in jail, pressuring assimilation, and stopping this sick denial about how London is safe and there isn’t a problem – I’m looking at YOU Sadiq Khan – then sadly the British people will be forced to live with imminent terror threats … and more and more Brits will be killed by this despicable ideology …

I really don’t have much faith in Theresa May either … she worked in the Home Office for 6 years – the government department responsible for immigration, counter-terrorism – if she’s so great at security, then why were all these Jihadis let in in the first place?

Why can’t Nigel Farage run the country?

Next up fake news was recorded in real time when CNN was caught on tape staging their news coverage in London.
The video shows a group of sympathetic Muslims condemning the terror attacks … but look at the set up involved …

There’s a producer, a camera crew, the reporter, all directing where the people should stand… there’s even a police officer helping out.

As someone who worked in news for many years, I can tell you that there are times where you ask the cameraman to shoot something specific, or you wait for the right moment, or you get a person to move so there’s better lighting, etc. But this is fully orchestrated … it’s really next level. And CNN can do all the explaining they want – the optics are bad. You’re supposed to be recording real moments, not directing a news movie …

Lastly, I watched some of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin … this is Kelly’s first major interview with her new channel NBC.

Anyways, this segment of the interview was embarrassing. Kelly came off like a naive amateur against Putin.

I can’t believe that the US media has become so unhinged and ridiculous I find myself siding with PUTIN. They have completely jumped the shark … I could feel my face turn red at the sheer audacity and ridiculousness of these questions.

We’ll see how Kelly comes off in her really hard hitting piece with the Kardashians.

NBC News Putin interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8AeBAV4EIY&t=609s
Full video of CNN staging the news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muME4lb7YhM

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