@BBC #FakeNews Alert | Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor | BBC One TV Tribute

Fantastic. Back to 2005 we go! Starting with the 9th Doctor! Oh and any suggests for music I can use for my next tribute (10th Doctor tribute). Please enjoy 🙂



Rose / The End of the World / The Unquiet Dead
Aliens of London / World War Three / Dalek
The Long Game / Father’s Day / The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
Boom Town / Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways
The Christmas Invasion / New Earth
Tooth and Claw / School Reunion / The Girl in the Fireplace
Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel / The Idiot’s Lantern
The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit / Love and Monsters
Fear Her / The Army of Ghosts / Doomsday
The Runaway Bride
Smith and Jones / The Shakespeare Code / Gridlock
Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks / The Lazarus Experiment / 42
Human Nature / The Family of Blood / Blink
Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Timelords
Voyage of the Damned
Partners in Crime / The Fires of Pompeii / Planet of the Ood
The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky / The Doctor’s Daughter / The Unicorn and the Wasp
Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead / Midnight
Turn Left / The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End
The Next Doctor / Planet of the Dead / The Waters of Mars / The End of Time Part 1 and 2
The Eleventh Hour / The Beast Below / Victory of the Daleks
The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone / Vampires in Venice / Amy’s Choice
The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood / Vincent and the Doctor
The Lodger / The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang
A Christmas Carol
The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon / The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor’s Wife / The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People
A Good Man Goes to War / Let’s Kill Hitler / Night Terrors / The Girl Who Waited
God Complex / Closing Time / The Wedding of River Song
The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
Asylum of the Daleks / Dinosaurs on a Spaceship / A Town Called Mercy
The Power of Three / The Angels Take Manhattan
The Snowman / The Bells of Saint John / The Rings of Akhaten
The Cold War / Hide – The Hider in the House / Journey to the Center of the TARDIS
The Crimson Horror / The Last Cyberman – Nightmare in Silver / Name of the Doctor – River Songs Funeral
Night and the Doctor / Unreleased scenes / Series 6 boxset
Trailers / Teaser trailers / Ultimate trailers / Unlimited Rice Pudding
Doctor Who
Christopher Ecclestone – Ninth Doctor / 9th
David Tennant – Tenth Doctor / 10th
Matt Smith – Eleventh Doctor / 11th
Billie Piper – Rose Tyler
Freema Agyeman – Martha Jones
Catherine Tate – Donna Noble
Karen Gillan – Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill – Rory Williams
Jenna-Louise Coleman – Clara / Oswin
Alex Kingston – River Song / Melody Pond
Caitlin Blackwood — Amelia Pond
Frances Barber — Madame Kovarian
Comic Con
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
Series 5
Series 6
Series 7
Series 8
Series 9
The Sarah Jane Adventures
Torchwood Children of Earth Miracle Day
Attack of the Graske
Children in Need
Time Crash
The Infinite Quest
The Music of the Spheres
Tonight’s the Night
BBC1 BBC One Christmas Indents
Online Adventure Games
The Proms
The National Television Awards
Meanwhile in the TARDIS
Time / Space
Death is the Only Answer
Good as Gold
Ultimate Trailer
50th Anniversary
The Weeping Angels
The Fields of Trenzalore
The Fall of the Eleventh
The First Question
The Day of the Doctor
The Time of the Doctor
Deep Breath
Into the Dalek
Robot of Sherwood
Time Heist
The Caretaker
Kill the Moon
Mummy on the Orient Express
In the Forest of the Night
Dark Water
Death in Heaven
Last Christmas
The Magician’s Apprentice
The Witch’s Familiar
Under The Lake
Before the Flood
The Girl who Died
The Woman who Lived
The Zygon Invasion
The Zygon Inersion
Sleep No More
Face the Raven
Heaven Sent
Hell Bent
The Husbands of River Song
The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Pilot
Thin Ice
Knock Knock
The Pyramid at the End of the World
The Lie of the Land
Empress Mars



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