Another Fukushima Video FLAGGED for “Inappropriate Content” (9/5/13) #FakeNews

This is Exactly why I’m encouraging everyone and anyone to reupload any or all of my videos anywhere you want. YouTube comes in after videos have been up for Months, and removes them on “flags” such as “inappropriate content”. What is so Inappropriate about THIS video? The Bowing? The Volcano? Rachel Maddow?
RedButtonStudio alerted me that this video was flagged on both his channel and mine. Youtube doesn’t even notify me that it has been flagged. If they did notify me, I sure didn’t see it in my inbox. Thanks for the heads up RedButtonStudio. Here’s a COPY of the Original video I posted back on Sept. 5, 2013
Fukushima Meltdown Denial goes Main Stream STILL! UnFukushima

Unfortunately, I’ve lost what I put in the description box with links to everything.

So, I’ll just whip a few links to other stuff up for you.

Most likely a ‘worst-case scenario’ at WIPP — NPR: ‘Huge chunk’ of salt believed to have crushed drums of radioactive waste — ABC: “Investigators now admit problem is serious” — NYT: Plutonium, americium can bombard organs “for rest of person’s lifetime” (VIDEO)

Gundersen: “Nuclear core has disintegrated” at Fukushima Unit 3 — Japan Energy Expert: Location of melted fuel for 3 reactors is unknown, this has never happened anywhere before (VIDEO)

New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site — Concern air filters at plant may not have worked — Gov’t accused of lying about radiation leak (VIDEO)

PBS special on Fukushima starts tonight with rare look inside plant — Correspondent loses arm after filming in Japan — “Amputated after an apparently minor injury” (VIDEO)

Hearst Newspaper: Bad news, Fukushima radioactive releases may be “far greater than originally stated” — Bloomberg: Levels ‘significantly’ undercounted — Fairewinds: Data they reported for nearly 3 years is wrong — Asahi Interview: “Politicians are hiding the dangers of radiation” (VIDEO)

Fukushima Plume Arrives at West Coast — Expert: “If this was of greater health concern, we’d be very worried”; One model predicts levels over 1,000% higher than another, “this is not really acceptable” (GRAPHIC)

CBC: Radioactive particles arrive ‘far earlier than predicted’ for N. America — Mag: ‘Plumes stretch 4,800 miles across ocean!’ — Experts: There’s great alarm… Legitimate concern… Expected to dilute, but don’t really know — US Govt: ‘Monitoring beaches for debris from Fukushima nuclear disaster’ (VIDEO)

Officials: More may be affected by WIPP radiation release — TV: They don’t know how serious it is or how it affects community; Could take months to fix leak — CBS: Ceiling collapse or punctured canister suspected; Still in ‘guinea pig’ stage; EPA monitors requested in area (VIDEO)

TV: “Disturbing new development in WIPP radiation leak, surprising words today” — “What went wrong and why, those are some of the questions swirling around” — County official calls it ‘a disaster’ (VIDEOS)

TV: Most shocking thing is how US gov’t was “very concerned” about Fukushima radiation hitting West Coast and affecting Americans — Public told that everything fine (VIDEO)

Expert: Gov’t officials ‘very possibly’ know Fukushima is a worldwide disaster and just not revealing it — Columnist: “They can’t neglect the truth because they fear a panic outbreak… I’m panicking because there isn’t a panic” (AUDIO)

Professor: “Fish caught off coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of cesium” — “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking radiation” from Fukushima



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