Anonymous : Unplug from CNN’s Lies #FakeNews

Trumps economics actually work a lot better then Clintons… only an idiot would Vote Clinton

Economical Fact
Trumps = 4% to more growth
Clinton= -2% to 1 %
Trump wins

I work with economics …. and I can promise you we are better off with Trump over Clinton 1% growth means 8 years we will go under due to Clintons policies Trumps a none lobbyist with a great tax plan No can predict his trade Deals NOONE! but a none lobbyist can work the field for the best money he will most certainly Bring jobs back … ( millions ) which brings money into the country making a growth over 1 % in 8 years that leaves OBAMAS/HILARY POLICIES will be left in the dark…

i was for Bernie now Trump …. Clinton supporters are fucking dumb
Google Clintons mentor .. kkk leader
google Clinton’s economics .. anti black
google democratic party’s creations and endorses …. kkk
google 3 strike rule and failure of black culture = Clinton’s


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