ABC News caught lying on a Army Veteran – KVUE news #FakeNews

Please sign my petition at (DA Jana Duty suppressed evidence in a Army veterans case. Veteran was facing life in jail.) to hold these people accountable. When public servants break the law and hide behind their position, we all suffer because of corruption.

The fact that Billy Rodgers mother works for the Texas Attorney State General’s Office stinks to high heaven.

What is sad about all of this. The news media gave no thought to me protecting a DoD K9 that I had adopted. Instead of focusing on the facts, it was more important they spin this story into something it was not. I have the right to protect my service dog and myself from a dog that ambushed us in the middle of the street. The owners were too busy getting drunk and smoking weed while their dog was outside, unsupervised and unleashed.

Yet they want to call foul when bad things happen.

Once they realized what had happened, they spared no expensive to flip this and paint me as a monster.

Yeah, their dog did something really bad, they knew they fucked up.

KVUE news, Jessica Holloway, the Rodgers and their friends attempted to ruin my life. They made false claims and they “GOT” caught lying. If you are attempting to ruin a person’s life with a lie, you should be held accountable. ABC News and its affiliate station made no effort to apologize to me or my family for their slanderous reporting. Shame on you ABC and KVUE news.

Big difference between the MIDDLE OF THE STREET and the SIDEWALK!

So how does Jessica Holloway report one thing on the 4th of Sept 2012 and then turns around and lies on the second part of this video (2:35). Stating I dispatched the Rodger’s dog on the sidewalk in front of the Rodgers house. Jessica Holloway knowing lied and got caught in her news broadcast dated 27 Sept 2012. Then to try and incite panic in my neighborhood, shame on her and KVUE News for your shady reporting.

The owner’s of the dog (Billy and Amy Rodgers) that attacked my adopted DoD K9, lied to save their sorry asses from being charged with assault on a service animal. They lied to police to get me arrested for deadly conduct. Knowing it was lie. They knew I was a foster parent for DoD for the military working dog program.

Allison Sutton is a former Austin Police Officer, not only was she smoking weed with the Rodgers. She lied to protect her husband that made verbal death threats to shoot me and my service dog, and he threw a beer bottle at us.

How do police take the word of a dozen drunk individuals smoking weed over a sober person who’s dog is on a leash?

They do when Billy Rodgers mother is Pam Rodgers and she is a director for the Texas Attorney State Generals Office.

The prosecutor – Elizabeth Whited and police had all this evidence for more than 20 months…yet waits until the very last second to dismiss my case. 20 months of my life wasted. The pain and suffering she has caused me and my family is unforgivable.

Judge Ken Anderson …the man that stripped me of my civil rights with no indictment or even a jury trial.

DA Jana Duty … The District Attorney of Williamson County that hid evidence on my case along with Elizabeth Whited.

Basically this is a color of law issue, public servants that hide behind their position to do and commit criminal acts. E.g. hiding and suppressing evidence to get a conviction.

Williamson County and DA Jana Duty did not do all these dirty deeds by themselves, they had help, apparently a lot of it. Keep that in mind.

I had to fire my first two lawyers, they basically did jack shit in defending me. Chris Gunter and Duke Hildreth.

It costed me only $1.00 dollar to find the evidence to show I acted in self defense.

Chris Gunter and Duke Hildreth tell their lawyer friends to NOT help me. They are butt hurt because they failed to do their job. Shame on both of them. They are a prime example on why people hate lawyers!

When you hire someone to do work for you, especially when they are charging you thousands of dollars, you would expect them to do their very best for you. To be zealous in defending you. To leave no stone unturned.

Please share and help me and my service dog Aalice aka Alicia find justice.


SFC Bing M. Yee
US Army – Retired

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