5 Female Reporters Resign from Aljazeera Media Regarding the lies against Syria #FakeNews

Syrian Rebel Terrorists Caught Lying on Al-Jazeera and Making Up Stories about what’s taking place

Terrorists in Syria prepare another Fake video to show on CNN and AlJazeera.

Qatar’s AlJazeera LIES about Dead Family In Syria

CNN LIES EXPOSED ! Anderson Cooper and Danny Abdul-Dayem Lying AGAIN!

Israeli-made Weapons seized in Syria – Homs – March 16, 2012 (Israel Arming Terrorists in Syria)

The US/NATO Rebel Opposition Terrorists carry out bombings in Syria – 27 Killed, hundreds injured.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are Trying to Build a New Terrorist Group in Syria

US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia Arming AL-QAEDA Terrorists to commit Terrorism in Syria


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