10 Factual Mainstream Media Fake News and Lies Exposed – #FakeNews #FakeNews

Exposing mainstream media’s bias, fake news, lies and propaganda. To give you a fact: A MSM journalist is collaborating with Facebook to tackle fake news.


1:07 – What the MSM Doesn’t Tell You About Our Economic System : https://goo.gl/ZXJSnc

3:31 – New York Times : https://goo.gl/1sAQWZ, https://goo.gl/ZWtWk8, https://goo.gl/KsqqWb

4:52 – Richest people in the world remain anonymous : https://goo.gl/SdoDP8, https://goo.gl/ApuFBq

6:00 – NBC rigs a truck : https://goo.gl/1epnC2

7:05 – Guardian ‘fake news’ story on Julian Assange : https://goo.gl/uoL2bL

8:08 – Bilderberg Conferences : https://goo.gl/h0lc7u, https://goo.gl/ecFjRu

9:10 – Anti Putin Propaganda : https://youtu.be/cUQstumcAFc?t=3m19s

11:32 – The proto-Tea Party Scene : https://goo.gl/Y6eTGX

12:16 – George Zimmerman’s edited 911 call : https://goo.gl/rSfW8e

13:11 – Operation Northwoods : https://goo.gl/bmdGpp, https://goo.gl/WIeclG

Director of Factchecker.org is a former CNN journalist. Here are some CNN lies about MMR vaccination and autism https://goo.gl/OwmiEQ and here is the recent Fake News about Julian Assange live on CNN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg9gmIqiX64


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